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No matter how beautiful a marketing campaign may seem, marketing will be judged by the numbers: advertising either pays off or it doesn’t. And that’s it.
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We are a result-oriented marketing agency. A reliable partner who is responsive to your needs and committed to helping you meet your business goals. Before starting work with a client, we calculate what result you can get from investing in online advertising, based on our methodology. Simply fill out the inquiry form and we will calculate how much a potential client can cost. Our transparent pricing will ad to your confidence in our services.
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We use our knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve their business goals.
We believe that the solutions we offer are efficient, effective, and tailored to your business.
We monitor results and revise our strategies promptly if we do not achieve the desired results within the target timeframe.
We take 100 % responsibility for our work and consciously assess the client’s expectations.
We rely on the latest information, ideas proven in practice, research and recommendations of other specialists.

Reach the top of “Google” search and generate quality traffic to your website.
Show ads to a targeted audience.
Raise awareness of your brand.
You only pay only per click and the average cost per click is €0.10. This strategy creates a targeted client-like audiences that translates into an expanded client base.
Show your ad to clients the exact moment they search Google for the goods or services you offer.
Pay only when they contact you or click on your ad to visit your website.
Linked In
Unleash your LinkedIn potential – 4 out of 5 “LinkedIn” members make business decisions. “LinkedIn” members have 2x the purchasing power.
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Portfolio of regular Lithuanian and foreign clients
Invested in advertising during 2021.
750 000 €
Generated revenue for clients
12 500 000 €
Reasons to choose us
We offer you the option of ordering digital marketing, websites or e-stores from one source.
We will not disappear after signing the contract or halfway through the month. We will complete the work on time and to the end of the project.
We will communicate with you in the regular language of the “people” rather than in confusing jargon.
Our fees are completely transparent and consistent, so our services will not mysteriously become more expensive over the course of the project.

We will inform you before performing any work that is not part of the original contract, and we will start the work only after agreeing on the fee and receiving your approval.

You have access to a team of 20 professionals in their field, which grows and improves every day.

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Meet the team:
Web project manager
Justas Skaržinskas
Head of marketing
Aurimas Skaržinskas
Miroslav Abramovič
Head of development
Vilius Baranauskas
Head of Google and SEO
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Our clients

More than 145 companies rely on our services: dental clinics, e-shops, businesses in the construction sector, manufacturing companies and many others.
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