CURRENT & LED therapy Mask
against 35 skin problems

Innovative CURRENT & LED therapy mask for Micro-current therapy and phototherapy for home use

Visible effect is reached after only 2-3 applications
approved by the FDA

LED-Light and MicroCurrent inpenetrates the skin without feeling or leaving any damage
Recommended by world professionals
The opinion of the star beauty therapist John Tsargaris

Microcurrent therapy has been established and used in medicine since the 1980s, approved by the FDA as a muscle stimulator for the treatment of Bell's palsy and muscle palsy, therapy based on the principle of deep texture stimulation of derma

Microcurrent technology using a low-level current that mimics the body's natural ionic flow and has been clinically tested to safely and effectively treat a variety of skin problems. It involves the use of low frequency electrical current to "exercise" the facial muscles to make them look tighter, firmer and more resilient. In fact, it has been dubbed a "non-invasive” and “anti-aging” facelift.
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12 500 rub.


In the 90's of last century, this method began to spread in the field of cosmetology, and since then is one of the most popular, painless and effective methods of treatment and rejuvenation of the skin.

The benefits of LED-therapy is clinically proven by leading dermatologists around the world. LED-Light rays penetrate the skin to a certain depth (depending on their color and intensity) and have a therapeutic effect on the skin. In addition, this method increases the effectiveness of the active ingredients of cosmetic care - it allows nutrients and vitamins to penetrate deep into the skin, enhancing their action.

The LED and Microcurrent technology used in the device "One, two, young!" have different effects on the skin, depending on the intensity and depth of penetration into the skin layers. Acne treatment and therapy, stimulation of collagen production, care for sensitive skin, oxygenation of the skin - these are just some of the effects of the mask on your skin.


It has an astringent effect, regenerates skin cells and removes accumulated toxins. Prevents the appearance of acne and shrinks pores.
Cellular Rejuvenation

It has direct effect on the layers of epidermis, accelerates the metabolism of active tissues, increases the therapeutic effect of any cosmetologic procedure and has powerful rejuvenating effect.
Anti-ageing treatment against wrinkles

Increases the activity of the skin cells, accelerates metabolism and stimulates collagen production. Delicately smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, improves skin quality and effectively evens out skin texture.
Acne and problem skin treatment

The action of blue light is aimed at eliminating acne-causing bacteria. Effectively relieves skin inflammation without leaving any scars or pigmentation. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.
For swelling and dark circles

Ideal for skin with puffiness, stimulates lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation. Saturates the skin with oxygen and improves the complexion. Eliminates pigment spots and has anti-inflammatory effect.
Moisturizes the skin
Ideal for the care of dry and sensitive skin. Moisturizes, fills dehydrated skin with moisture and stimulates collagen synthesis.
Treats inflammation

Improves blood circulation increases the penetration of substances into the skin cells, relieves swelling and helps to eliminate inflammation. The infrared beam reduces nervous system excitability, decreases pain and smooth muscle spasm, and promotes nerve function recovery.
Restores skin balance
Has a soothing effect, ideal for skin with vascular changes (couperose). Reduces sebum secretion, activates the reparative function and gets rid of edema.
50 LEDs
2 Microcurrent stimulators
Wireless / remote use


Professional result for reasonable money - the main objective which the creators of the mask "One, two, young!" were trying to achieve.

The result is a premium-class mask, which includes not only LED-lights, but also a microcurrent, which used to be available only in beauty salons.

6 Modes of usage
Directly solves 35 skin problems
The effect from the first use


The device is completely ready to use and requires no additional equipment. The charging is done with the Micro-USB wire included in the package. The device can be a great gift for a loved one.

Device (mask)
Micro-USB cable for charging

English Manual
Remote control
Pulse sticker

Savings 120$ until December 31
Face bandages
x Stretch the skin of the face, causing the opposite effect
x Tightly fixed & unable to adjust to your size
x Looks awkward and unsightly
V-Face beauty devices
x Stimulates only bottom neck
x Have a small coverage area
x Uses only up to LED and Heating technologies
Manual roller devices
x Manual using do not guarantee uniform stimulation of skin
x Uneven massage intensity
x Have no deep skin stimulation function

Phototherapy has proven clinical efficacy in the treatment of many skin problems. For example, the use of bright blue irradiation of the skin in a led mask for 3 days in a row reduces pore clogging by sebaceous glands with Propionibacterium acne bacteria by 99.9%, which cause the appearance of acne.
Light and microcurrent therapy is not dependent on age or gender. Skin problems are of completely different nature, and while acne and skin sensitivity after the use of aggressive cleansers are more common at a young age, wrinkles and reduced collagen production are the main problems at an older age. The "One, Two, Young!" mask is designed for skin of all ages.

Narrowing of enlarged pores
Sebum secretion
Acne treatment
Wound healing
Combating premature aging
Complete elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
Restoration of healthy tone
Preservation of elasticity
Smoothening of wrinkles
Skin pigmentation elimination and active moisturizing
Skin texture renewal
Skin cell renewal restoring elasticity

Using the mask is no more complicated than conventional skin care procedures. The main thing that should be observed for maximum results - do not forget to thoroughly clean the skin before the therapy, because the quality of light penetration into the epidermis directly depends on it.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly with warm water


Apply moisturizer to cleansed skin


Put on the mask and wait until the session is over


Remove the mask and evaluate the result

Apply a moisturizer to consolidate the result

The recommended therapy time set for this product is 10-15 minutes per session, followed by a break of 3-4 hours.

The recommended frequency of use is 2 times a day.

Reasons why more frequent use is not recommended:

The "ONE, TWO, YOUNG!" device uses high-frequency microcurrent vibration to stimulate facial muscles, "loading" them like in the gym, and phototherapy to stimulate collagen production and cellular repair, like during rest.

Excessive "strain" on the facial muscles can lead to high pressure and tension on the facial muscles, which in turn slows down collagen production and the manifestation of the effect of the therapy.

Feedback from our clients
I have been using the face lifting device for a few days, I can't tell you as yet about the results, but the massage feels really good, I know it must be doing something because after I take it off my face and my Chin feels different. I know it will take more time before I see results. Will keep using it and I will review an update.
Monica K.
So far so good. Pretty fast shipping. Everything works. All the lights work and it has a pretty strong vibration. Will update again soon to see how it runs after 2 weeks.
Quintin Yazmin
Delivery was really fast. Item as described but not a 100% perfect fit for my face. Tried for a few times only so not sure if it works yet but it does leave the area feeling warm.
Abegail Victoria
Shipping was fast. I tried it as soon as it was charged. It works very good. I’m not completely sure about the instructions but I turned it on the auto setting. It shut off automatically after 15 min. I’ll see how it works after a month to give it time.
Shawn Emory
It feels amazing on the skin - has a very calming effect. My breakouts have lessened due to the light reducing inflammation on the face. It really works and highly recommend. Note: the battery usually lasts for 3 days, then you have to recharge it again.
Lucile Kenelm
You must buy this... I can't worry about it. I 've been using it for about 3 days. I 've recovered a lot, and after using it, I'm going out of my skin... You should use it more steadily, but I'm so satisfied now!!
Kailyn Harve
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